Fuck the VCs

I know something.  I know something that will monumentally shift your perspective.  It’s not something most People will completely internalize from this short piece, but depending on your level of understanding, it will shed some light on the path, and after your questions are answered, parts of the curtain will fall.  You will see things in a way you have never seen them before.  It may happen more than once.  It is awesome.  But this is something that once you know it, once you internalize it, you will not be able to accept our current state as a People.  It will make you want to fight.  And we will.  We will play their game, on their home field, in front of the world, and right our course safely, peacefully, changing their game forever.  Read on if you want to live with the need to change everything you see.  As a People we are asking the wrong questions and are therefore chasing solutions to problems that should not exist.

Spinning on this dirt pile in the middle of nowhere, we are fundamentally a species, a People.  As a People we have common problems, and our constant desire to make progress, evolution, allows us to attempt to solve these problems with varying degrees of success at a micro level, but always forward from a macro level.  Right now, in our evolutionary process we have inherited Capitalism and the government of our land.  In most cases we chose neither but are asked or required to fight and die for both.  Regardless, history makes sense of what we have.  People had problems and this naturally created the idea of markets.  Solutions were provided in the market and any problems that the market could not solve became reasons to invoke government.  Government by its definition exists to serve the People to solve their common problems.  Neither markets nor governments are natural, they are made by People.  But both make sense.  They make sense in how they came to be, but not why they continue to be.  We have to understand these systems are temporary and need to be updated and replaced.

Let’s stop there without pointing any fingers and realize that these are just our current best effort attempts at solving our problems with the resources at our disposal.  Up until recently, the only resources that had any value were physical things that could be protected or taken, by force.  Controlled.  People solve problems with resources.  Control the resources, control the People.  So “old money” did, and still does.  But data is a new resource, one that ultimately we, the People, control.  At any time we can stop giving away our data for free and redirect our data to some other end.  We can stop creating data.  We can stop collecting data.  We can stop sharing data.  It is ours.  It is us.  And right now our data is failing us because it is spread across multiple services since there is no single business that provides all the services we need.  Our data cannot be controlled completely from one point, and that makes it impossible to do what we need to do next.  Our data needs to be fully under our control in order to further innovate.  So, data is a resource and can be used to solve problems, but what is data?

Data, like language, comes in three tenses: past, present and future.  Past data is the data we normally associate with the word data: video, images, audio and documents.  Your current tense of data is your Attention.  And your future tense of data is your Intention.  These other two tenses of data are much more valuable than the data of our past.  Your Attention is the most valuable because it is the only time when purchasing decisions are ever made.  In Capitalism, that is the only data that really matters.  Branding is nothing more than setting the Intention of a consumer to return with more money.  The value of Intention comes from knowing what People want or need so that their needs can be fulfilled, it is one step closer to Attention.  It allows corporations to anticipate demand so that they can some as close to the perfect production level as possible.  They do not want to produce more than they have to, but they also do not want to leave any money on the table by under running production.  If Intention is known, production can be predicted and problems can be efficiently solved.

The last point I need to cover before bringing everything together (at least at this high level overview), is that automation is inevitable, be it 5 years or 500 years.  At some point, corporations will automate everything from transportation to manufacturing, leaving People without jobs.  That would be a good thing if the People owned the automation, because then there would be no jobs, and no need for jobs, leaving People with the task of enjoying life.  That sounds more like a future I am interested in.  So how do we take control of the automation?  We as a People build it.  We are already building it for corporations.  But now we just need to organize as a People and provide each other with the same products and services, only without the need to profit.  I write, “without the need to profit” in a way that is meant to suggest, that in the competitive spirit of Capitalism, we the People are willing to take a loss if it means that we get to watch every last corporation fall, leaving in its void, a fertile landscape for future growth.

To the People who wear these imaginary roles of VC, corporate personnel, or government official, I say to you, the Person, remember where your loyalty is, for it is not to your job or to your duty, but rather to your People, all People.  In the end, that is what you will have to face, the People.

To the People, I do not ask for anything except your desire for evolution, forward progress, change.  We need to come together to create a new system to solve our own problems.  As we solve problems for the People, there is no need for the old government or market solution to exist.  As we create a system to solve problems, and we realize automation, markets will cease to exist and government will be unrecognizable.  We can get there in a very short period of time through the use of our data.  We can organize our Intention in this new system in a way that redirects dollars from a corporate option to a People’s option.  Why would a Person support anything other than a People’s option when available and competitive?

Ultimately I am talking about a systematic takeover of the entire world’s resources, by the People, through the use of their game called Capitalism.  We, the People, can play in this game and obliterate the competition.  We can use one or more of “their” systems to coordinate our efforts.  Once we organize and increase our force, we begin with the simplest competition to pick off.  Craigslist, for example, is a for profit business that the People could easily replace.  The hundreds of millions of dollars and data from the first victory can be used to further progress.  This is only possible because of the Intention of the users to shift from a for profit model to a for People model.  After Craigslist falls, we then target other easy service offering to replace such as Ebay, Paypal, Facebook and Twitter.  Other companies like Google and Microsoft, have a vast offering that will take time to reproduce.  I believe they will fold, and open their companies to the People before we beat them in the market.  When People start acting like other People matter, beautiful things will happen.  Apple is on their way to irrelevance all on their own.  And then we competitively take out distribution channels like Amazon and ultimately manufacturing.  If this sounds crazy, let me remind you that these companies are only as good as their human labor, for now.   As automation increases, that is less so.  For now, People still participate in the system we live in and can appropriately voice their concern when something seems wrong.  Once wars can be fought from behind the closed mansion doors of the elite, we will have a much more difficult time gaining control of the resources that are rightfully ours to share and to protect from true threats.  This is a critical time in our history.  We need to seize this opportunity or our future generations will pay dearly.

So when I say, Fuck the VCs, I am referring to the VCs and I mean to say, fuck them.  Fuck them because they are typically “new money” who had a chance to really change the world, but instead became complacent to exist in a system who throws them a bone and gives them a pat on the ass.  The arrogance to believe that they deserve the disproportionate wealth tells the People that they have not changed and do not deserve the data that we have entrusted them with.  So, I am not talking to the Person behind the title of VC, I am talking to the VC when I say: fuck, fuck, fuck the VCs.  Fuck ’em.

6 thoughts on “Fuck the VCs

  1. I was at your talk at DEF CON, and I talked briefly with you and a small group afterwards. I suggested peer-distributed backups as an alternative to needing to invest in any servers.

    I love this idea so much. I’m with you, all the way. You are absolutely right. We can beat them at their own game. I’ve been dreaming about this future for years, thinking about what I can do to help make it happen. To remove our dependence on our capitalist overlords. To live in a society where the people directly own and control themselves. Where the only hindrance to progress is the pace of our collective evolution. I could go on for pages explaining in detail what I imagine this future society to be, but I think you’ve pretty much covered it, and I think we’re on the same page, at least in regards to the big picture. And I think that’s what matters.

    Right now, my next personal step in this fight is turning my house into a non-profit cooperative housing corporation, where shares are independent of votes, and shares can be earned through either money or labor invested into the community. We’ll see how it goes.

    I have way too many things going on in my life at the moment to take a leadership role in this, but I do not want to forget it. I have a reminder in my task list to check on this from time to time. I think about it constantly. If you start a forum, I’ll join. If you start a project group, I can dedicate a few hours a week, but not a whole lot more. Not until I graduate next year. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    Let’s keep this idea alive!

  2. I did this a few years ago, so I might be out of the loop on what the market is like today, but I have a few thoughts. The big choice to make is whether you want to have a forum hosted by a forum hosting company, like proboards.com or freeforums.org or zetaboards.com. The benefits of this is that you don’t have to do any server administration whatsoever to have your forum – all the technical stuff is handled by the web hosting company. And it’s free. The downsides are that they may display ads on your forum, you may have limits to how much you can customize it, and it’s a pain to export your data if you ever want to move away.

    The other way is to pay to have a website hosted and then install free forum software like phpBB on it. The downsides are that it does require some technical knowledge to get it up and running, it costs some money, and if the forum ever has trouble you would need someone with technical knowledge to log into the web server to troubleshoot. Given what we’re trying to do, though, I would hope we have the technical knowledge to handle something like that. As for web hosting, I know GoDaddy is pretty cheap – their plans start at $3.99 a month.

    If installing forum software on a web server isn’t something you’re familiar with, let me know and I can lend a hand.

  3. Cool! I might be making a real rookie mistake here, but I don’t see any links to log in or create an account, and it won’t let me post or reply without doing so – am I missing something?

    • Okay, I know its weird, but I added a sidebar widget to the footer since this theme does not support 2 columns. For simplicity, on my part, the login is at the bottom. Sorry about the oversight! Thanks.

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