9 thoughts on “DEF CON 21 – Made Open: Hacking Capitalism

  1. Though the concept as described by Todd in the video “Defcon 21” seems to be a fantastic first step to taking our private data back, or at least making a start at getting control of it back, I feel a bit pessimistic regarding those involved in the process. I am excited to get involved, have time to help the cause, educate those about this project, and personally touch base with like-minded people. Exploring the site, I am a bit confused as to where everyone is, active forums, and receiving emails concerning updates, where I can attend speaking engagements, and just how to join in and help the collective vision get involved in the whole “Personal Cloud” experience. Contact me with ideas, assignments, and active programs to which I can personally get involved. The concept is exciting to me and the ideas of doing something effective, yet passive is a concept that I think would require enormous amounts of people doing whatever is necessary to move forward with this. I am here, I have the time, and I feel anxious to get physically involved in any way possible. How can you help me…to help you to help the civilized world as we know it. Awaiting any request or assignment that can help the cause get spread WORLDWIDE! Yours in service, Robert (aka: Zappadaddy)

  2. Hey Robert! Welcome. This is it, we have a few people registered and you have made it to the beginning. What better place to be when the journey is going to be as interesting as it is. We recently put up a forum, we have a few users and I am looking for feedback on next steps. I am working on a few things that I think will help to spread the message, but will need feedback and people to spread the word. I believe a “call to action” is necessary in order to capture the results of our efforts. Otherwise, we leave the people with the same feeling you have. Our message should always be a call to action. I am open to do some Google Hangouts sessions, Skype, whatever works. Conversations always work better than one-way, so participants are welcome. I share your enthusiasm and this is going to be a quick ride, so I just want to make sure we maximize the potential of this opportunity. Remember, share the things that interest you with others so we can get as much feedback as possible. I am especially open to naysayers. Thank you Robert.

    • Hello Todd. Someone in the know just introduced me to your YouTube presentation. Nice job! It is extremely encouraging to see someone pursuing what I’ve often felt insane for developing solutions for based on the assumption that self-ownership is not as silly or uncooperative as it sounds. Formerly with Electronic Arts, I’ve been pursuing a solution for data ownership, privacy and monetization exclusively for the last two years. I’d love to introduce myself and my projects if your dance card isn’t incredibly full… (Recruiting collaborative energy has been difficult for me due to the difficulty of the subject matter, and look forward to an ally who has made inroads in presenting these significant matters). I look forward to hearing from you, Sean.

  3. I am available mostly in the AM via FaceTime, Hang Out, and Twitter. Again, I am excited to be part of what appears to be a fantastic person data solutions to
    acquisition of my personal data for greedy corporations, NSA, and other organizations who are violating my 4th amendment rights to privacy guaranteed to me as a US citizen. I am looking for original, well thought out solutions to these problems and am willing to contribute whatever I can, and enlist others to the Made Open concepts. You have my email, willingness, and education on basic tenants of freedom. I first got on board with so many questions concerning the 9/11 farce brought upon us by the corporate media outlets to believe one thing and knowing for a fact something completely took place. I am not a sheep watching the boob tube, but a doctor of psychology that wants to make a difference for our children, and children’s children. Respectively & Sincerely yours, Robert Crowther PhD

  4. A call for action would be a facebook strike, don’t sign in for week.. and then for a month, until people attention to facebook is gone.

    • Count me in on the facebook boycott!!! I will NOT sign on for the upcoming week. That is my pledge! If we can get a coordinated effort to do this and eventually longer periods of time it would have an impact in reducing data output and data updates. The only problem I can foresee is how to accumulate data from its impact. I know it sounds like an endless circle, but getting information on the impact of not using facebook for periods of time would be an incentive to do so. Also and incentive for those on the fence about the whole and reasoning behind our action. I will begin immediately to avoid facebook, but still would like communication from my like-minded brothers & sisters involved…What to do???? LETS DO IT!!! Robert Crowther

      • We are pulling together systems to allow collaboration. We are not alone. It is imperative to plan and execute with precision. Boycotting is a tool of the old system. We need to build better systems rather than rely on the old broken systems of the past.

    • It is much easier to convince the people to use a better technology than to convince them to stop using something useful. Facebook is not a bad technology, just severely limited.

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