Made Open is an idea.  It is an idea about how to increase human efficiency through resource optimization.  Optimizing resources means that your resources are used in a way that best affects the group.  Corporations work to optimize their resources in a way that allows their group (the corporation) to best compete in the market.  So as corporation competes against corporation, people become unknowing participants (workers) in an outdated system.  People fight for progress by creating products such as 3D printers and services such as crowdsourced funding.  This progress is only possible because people step in to solve problems that corporations are not able to solve as efficiently.  The reason corporations are not as agile as people is that corporation must work within the confines of their system.  People happen to be part of that system.  And in that system, people do things because it’s their “job” or “duty”.  The system encourages destructive behavior (atrocities committed by corporations) if it benefits the company.  This is what happens when you put profit over people.

Made Open is about people solving problems for people.  We can operate in the same system as corporations without the restrictions imposed on the corporations.  As options become Made Open, the choice of the people will support the people.  The corporate options will slowly fade and in its place will become the result of the transition from corporate dominance to corporate non-existence.  At Made Open we support the path that leads to system where people can express (1) what they want, and (2) what they are willing to do.  We imagine a system that provides for the people without the need to exchange monies.  One without “jobs”.  There is an excess of human resources and the number of jobs available is decreasing.  We have plenty of resources available to make this happen.  By cutting jobs, the corporations are GIVING us the resources we need to put the path right.

We are not judging the corporations.  We are not arguing that they should not exist in their current state.  We are simply stating that they have become inefficient and outdated.   It is time for the people to layoff the corporations.  This will be a simple change that cannot be stopped by anything less than a gross violation of human rights.  We are not waging war, we are competing in open markets.  We are willing to work for a loss in order to starve off the corporations.  We can employ the same techniques the corporations have used to eliminate smaller companies and local mom-and-pop stores.  As this happens, it is important for people to remember that nothing matters more than people.  So during this transition, if you are part of one of these entities, remember that you are a person first.  No matter what anyone in a position of authority demands of you, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.  You are a person and we are working for you.  We are here to help.

Made Open is a working group whose goal is to organize projects or initiatives for the people.  We work for people because people is all that matter.

We put people before corporations.
We put people before monies.
We put people before governments.
We put people before countries.
We put people before religion.
We put people before their location.
We put people before their time.

Made Open is an organization of the people, by the people, for the people.  Now hiring.

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  1. Good morning, I truly understand the concept, and have joined because I WANT to help make changes to our behaviors thus, changing the existing corporate dominance of the world, but more importantly, I want to better understand how Made Open can move forward in an efficient, effective manner using the mission statement provided. I am confused as to how this can get up and running at a grassroots level using the two basic precepts:
    1. What do I need
    2. What I am willing to do
    People helping people and putting people ahead of EVERYTHING else is fantastic! How pray tell do I compete in this market economy with beliefs in place and immediate needs for my family being provided corporations? I would absolutely love to participate in laying off the corporations, however my family needs, food, clothing, housing, and medical care! I do not want to simply sit back and wait for things to change, and I realize this whole concept is built on the premise that things will change over time, I understand that. I guess what I don’t understand is how me as a person, willing to devote time into spreading the word, doing anything I can here in Rhode Island, can circumvent the aforementioned basic family needs, without corporate involvement! (example: My son just informed me we need batteries; how to accomplish this without corporate involvement?). I understand this is in the “start up” phase, but the bottom line to me is:
    1. I understand this is an idea/concept…What can I do NOW to help bring it to fruition? (I’ve got time and education to give to the cause)
    2. How do I proceed?
    3. Who can I count on to assist me?
    4. I love the system we “imagine”, but cannot see a first step toward that end.
    5. Finally…What can I, Robert, do right now to start this thing rolling, get more involved, and though I have a tertiary education, better understand how I as one person can effectively help Made Open > Move On! All input, suggestions, and support to help us move forward together is appreciated. Zappadaddy

  2. Flags cause wars. So I am on your side.
    May I suggest that you change the width
    of your blog to make the text more readable.
    If I wasn’t already interested in the subject
    I would definitely have given up – it is THAT
    difficult to read such very long lines of text..

    • What browser or device were you using? It looks good on any browser I have. I would like to make it right for other browsers or devices. Thanks!

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